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Practical career advice for those who want to turn their political science degree into their ideal job, whether in academia or as a practitioner / Des conseils de carrière pratiques pour ceux qui souhaitent obtenir le maximum de leur diplôme de science politique, que ce soit dans le monde académique ou à l’extérieur de celui-ci.

Welcome to Praxis / Bienvenue sur Praxis!

Welcome to Praxis!

Many years ago, professor Leslie Pal from Carleton University wrote an excellent piece called “Careers for Political Scientists” for the CPSA. For the longest time, his essay was the “go to” authority for how students might use their political science degree to get a job. Unfortunately, the career guide was only updated a couple of times and eventually fell into disuse despite its timeless and helpful wisdom.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Praxis: The CPSA Career Blog/Le blogue carrière de l’ACSP.  The core idea of the blog is to revive and extend professor Pal’s original paper by inviting academics and practitioners to write short essays that provide practical career advice for emerging and established political scientists in Canada.  We also hope that students will turn to it regularly as they navigate graduate school and prepare for the job market, whether in academia, the public service, or the private sector.

To these ends, the editorial team is committed to encouraging essays on a broad range of topics and to post new essays each week on Tuesday as we receive them. Our initial focus will be on advice relevant to undergraduate and graduate students and junior faculty members seeking careers within and outside of the university.  For instance, we hope to have essays that focus on admission to graduate programs, job applications and interviews, public service recruitment, tenure and promotion, publishing, the dissertation defence, networking, teaching and being a TA, and navigating academia as a woman and minority, among other topics.  Later, we hope to include topics that are more directly relevant to mid-career and senior faculty.

We invite you to follow us on twitter, explore the Web site, and consider contributing an essay for the blog!

The Editorial Team of Praxis

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  1. Alex Marland

    I am so very happy to see that Praxis has launched! This is exactly the kind of initiative that is needed in Canadian political science. I look forward to watching Praxis grow.

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