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Practical career advice for those who want to turn their political science degree into their ideal job, whether in academia or as a practitioner / Des conseils de carrière pratiques pour ceux qui souhaitent obtenir le maximum de leur diplôme de science politique, que ce soit dans le monde académique ou à l’extérieur de celui-ci.


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Graduate studies / Études supérieures, Women/Race/French in academics

Dealing with gendered pressures while completing comprehensive exams by Nowrin Tabassum

Graduate studies / Études supérieures

5 conseils pour faire son doctorat à 40 ans par Emmanuel Choquette

Graduate studies / Études supérieures

Maintaining a Positive Relationship with Your Thesis in Graduate School by Dana Gold.

Graduate studies / Études supérieures, Health / Santé, Promotion and Tenure

Serendipity, Sounding Boards, and Success: Career Reflections from Senior Political Scientists by Loleen Berdahl

Elected office / Politique active

Lessons from a story about elected office by Ian Wayne

Health / Santé, Promotion and Tenure

Take the time to be kind (to yourself and others): Advice for new faculty members by William Cross

Being a TA / Assistant, Graduate studies / Études supérieures, Health / Santé, Postdoc

On the intersection between accessing a Post-doc and mental health by Jessica Merolli

Research / Recherche, Women/Race/French in academics

Valuing & Supporting the Research of Women in Political Science by Amanda Bittner

Postdoc, Supervision

Supervising a Post-Doc by André Blais

Conferences / Conférences

Clear, Concise, Compelling: How to Write a Conference Proposal by Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant and Emmett Macfarlane

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